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Bring on the Fitness!
Jaime Billerman May 3, 2017 No Comments

Bring on the Fitness!

Do you enjoy going to the gym? Love that 6 AM Spin class? Can’t get enough fruits and veggies? That’s great… and also not me! I’m not a fan of going to the gym. I suppose it’s not the gym per se, more the actual aspect of working out. It’s not something that has ever peaked my interest… I would much rather be binging a TV show, and cheeseburgers are my food of choice.

So, you may ask – why am I the one typing away on this fitness center’s blog? Well, the tides of change are approaching, folks. As I navigate through my early 30s, I’ve fully realized that I’m not getting any younger – and neither is my body. After waking up with aches and pains, from doing NOTHING, it hit me. So, I’ve decided to change, and I hope that you are planning to follow along.

Let’s go over the basics:

  • Who: My name is Jaime! I’ve worked behind the scenes at AFC for almost 4 years, and I’ve probably “worked out” at AFC almost 4 times.
  • What: My fitness journey! Follow along as I navigate the ins and outs of the fitness world. I’m going to test out everything that all of our clubs have to offer and report back to you. I am planning on giving everything that is included with a standard membership a shot. From the complimentary personal training sessions, to the wide array of classes – if we offer it, I’ll do it.
  • Where: AFC Fitness… and this blog! I’ll be going to all of our clubs to give everything a try. This blog is going to hold me accountable and will even help to give you a little insight into the programs and classes that you haven’t given a shot yet.
  • When: Now! This Friday, 5/5/17 begins my fitness journey. I’ll try at least one thing every week – maybe more if I’m feeling gutsy.
  • Why: Because 32 is not young and despite what my college-self told me – working out and eating right are important for my future.

Sit back and relax – this should be a pretty entertaining ride. Have a suggestion for where a fitness novice like myself should start? Feel free to email

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