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Preva App at AFC: Personalize Your Fitness Experience

Thousands of exercisers worldwide use Preva® to achieve their fitness goals. Preva allows you to track your fitness progress at the gym with on-console software or on-the-go with the Preva Mobile app. Create a Preva account and take a big...

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Win a $10,000 Ultimate Fitness Makeover from AFC Fitness

AFC's 25th Anniversary, Your Celebration. Enter For Your Chance to Win the $10,000 Ultimate Fitness Makeover.

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24May No Comments

Choosing The Right Gym For You

There are so many gyms to choose from. Each is a little different. How will you choose? Here are some helpful tips for choosing a gym that fits your needs. First, think about your likes. Do you like to lift...

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16May No Comments

Summer Fitness And Diet Tips

Summer is here, and that means heading out into those hot temps wearing shorts, swimsuits, and clothing that is just, plain and simple, more revealing. That can be intimidating for many of us. Don't worry, we've got your back, and...

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28Apr No Comments

The Key to Getting a Summer-Ready Body: Take Control of Yourself

Long days of sunshine, warm temps and spending time by the water ... they add up to only one thing: Summertime in Philadelphia! Summer is when shorts, swimsuits and bikinis come out of their hiding places. But what about your...

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