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8 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Fitness Objectives and Stay Motivated

Set reasonable goals. Instead of saying to yourself “I'm going to lose weight,” commit to more specific targets like going to the gym three times a week for a cycling class. Test and measure your current health and fitness levels.  All AFC...

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Exploring 3 Common Fitness Habits

AFC Fitness took a look at several common fitness habits to see which ones are okay and which ones are not okay. Skipping gym workouts if your muscles are sore. Ruling: okay Muscle soreness happening within a couple of days after...

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Using the New Online Services and Mobile App

Important - Before you can use the new app you must complete the account setup steps listed below. You will need the email address that is assigned to your AFC membership account. Ask the front desk or a membership consultant at the...

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Advanced Tips For Losing and Preventing Belly Fat

Do you have excessive fat around your belly? Changing your diet, tweaking your cardio routine, and reducing stress will help you lose the stubborn pounds from around your stomach. Change your diet: Reduce sugar, specifically in the form of alcohol...

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5 Exercise Mistakes That Can Hijack Your Calorie Burn

You go to the gym regularly, lift weights and attend classes.  So why is the scale not budging? Poor exercise form or bad workout habits can greatly reduce your calorie burn. Here are some of the most common ways to...

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